Monday, March 28, 2011

Thanks for the LittleThings

Jason talking (you can tell by the ellipses, my favorite punctuation).

Looking back over the last few posts and preparing to write today's update, I find that the drama level seems to have substantially diminished (a very good thing!). So rather than build up a grand story line, I'd like to take time today to send a number of thank you's, mostly for little things that seem huge today...

1. Riete and the "strange lady from Oklahoma [self-titled]": I've been meaning to thank you for so loyally following Wolfie's progress and offering consistent good thoughts and encouragement. I don't mean to suggest that we're not blessed with great friends and family who haven't done the same--they have!--but it's like a snow day: you love Spring Break, but what's better than an unlooked-for day off? So, thank you for the unexpected support.

2. The Rhee's, Medha, and all the IB kids and CTHS people who've been so kind to us: You really didn't have to do any of it. That said, Kristin and I appreciate it; by the way, the home-cooked soup was awesome: curry chicken, coconut milk, much better than cafeteria fare, and my wife would like the recipe. Really. Please send it to us. :) This is Medha visiting the little guy.

3. Clothes. a) It's a good thing we got a few copies of this particular onesy (onesie?) because Sam pooped all over it. See his little pirate look below? I think he was planning it all along. b) Remember those Tide commercials after Hurricane Katrina? The ones where refugees who'd lost their houses and everything in them were thanking Tide for clean clothes? I used to think the commercials were stupid. But getting clean clothes got Kristin out of the hospital today, and she seemed to feel more human afterward. Maybe there's something to this clean clothes thing after all...

4. Next, Lisa: Thank you for the hotel room! King-sized bed. No beeping alarms. Dark. Awesome. Now if I can just get Kristin to go with me for a few hours...

5. Baby steps in Wolfie's journey home: a) The doctors removed his arterial line today. That means fewer drugs being administered and the closer we are to the Cardiac Progressive Care Unit (CPCU). b) The docs also started weaning him from his oxygen flow. He is receiving 37.5% of what he was getting two days ago. Again, one step closer...c) Samuel still has some tachypnea, but it seems to be a bit less of a problem than it has been. Today, the doctors called him "comfortably tachypneic." Sounds like a bad Pink Floyd cover band. Either way, he's moving in the right direction. d) And finally, this little video is totally out of context, but I thought it was cute, so enjoy. More news and more ellipses tomorrow...


  1. Yes, that video was VERY cute. Thank you for sharing! Also, it is wonderful to see that your IB kids are both stellar human beings both in AND out of the class.

    Side note, sniffles are diminishing, hoping to visit later this week!

    Lots of love to the Leclaires!

    -Nate (Mr. Tapp)

  2. LOVE the video!!!!! so glad things are moving in the right direction.

  3. thanks for the video you guys! he is beyond cute. i just feel that Sam and Max will be best friends! they both pee on their moms, have blow out poops, have pirate eye looks, and wimper in the cutest way! love you guys, jules

  4. So great to hear the progress report. I stop by daily to see how the little man is doing. So glad things are going well.

  5. That video is adorable. I stop by daily also. I've learned that sometimes words can seem futile so I tend to put my energy towards lifting you guys up in prayer. Happy to hear Sam is doing so well. ~Prayers~ Lis

  6. I am so glad to hear Sam is doing well! This is an amazing blog. Thank you for all of the updates and pictures! He is an adorable baby. I am definitely thinking about him and sending positive wishes his way.

  7. What a handsome little guy! Love the video and think of you all daily. You guys are already in the running for parents of the year. :)

  8. Oh my, what a shock to see my name appear in your blog ;) You're so welcome. I came here because of something Matt Hammitt posted and I fell in love with Sam :))
    So I stayed ...

    I'm so glad to hear that Sam is doing better. Slowly but surely, as my mom would say.

    Praying for all of you!!

  9. And a child shall lead them... to become a gentler, kinder man :-) That you now get the Tide commercial means that there is hope for you... And your voice on the video, you remind a little of this teacher I used to know. Glad to hear that Samuel is progressing along and that Kristin has clean clothes. Take Care, Michelle

  10. My niece, Amber, and I just watched the video of Sam at least six times. :) Every time it ended she said "sleeping" and then "again," so we watched it a bunch. I'm so glad that Sam is doing well enough to star in cute videos. Thanks for posting it; I'm sure that it made a lot of people smile.
    Love, Carolyn

  11. I too found this from Matt Hammitt's blog! I love his song "Lead Me" and had heard his baby was sick on the radio a while back and found his blog, which lead me here. I am a mom of two little boys and I am oddly codependent and have taken Woflie as my own in my heart and just love keeping up with him. I like to leave little comments when I have time just to try to spread some encouragement. I figure if my boys were struggling I'd like knowing others cared :)
    -The lady in Oklahoma with no emotional boundaries

  12. Hey, guys!

    I just emailed you some preliminary photos, and will mail the rest on CD tomorrow hopefully.

    Hugs to you all!