Monday, November 21, 2011

Procedure Is Done!

We just finished speaking with the doctor who performed Sam's cath, and though we are still waiting to see the little guy, we have some updates.  I won't go into extreme clinical detail (this is Kristin posting, not Jason), but two of the three problematic areas were successfully expanded, and the one that wasn't expanded doesn't seem to be causing too much worry.  The extra vein that he had grown was successfully blocked off, and he has already been extubated.

He was bleeding from the insertion sites fairly heavily, so they had to apply pressure for a little while, and they will continue to watch for potential blood clots and signs of internal bleeding.

Overall, the doctor seemed pretty pleased with how well Sam responded to the cath and felt that the procedure was largely successful.  He also said that he would not recommend any additional surgery for Sam at this time.  Our hope is that any other problems that crop up can either wait for his Fontan (assuming that Sam will still be a good candidate for the Fontan in a year) or be addressed with another cath sometime in the not-so-near future.

Hopefully, we will get to see the little guy soon because we sure do miss him.

Thank you for all of your prayers, good thoughts, and support! We will continue to tell Sam how well loved he is as we continue to keep you posted.  Thank you again.


  1. What good news and what a relief! Thanks for keeping us posted on precious Sam, and we look forward to more good news soon: He's going home! Happy, happy, Thanksgiving!

    Love, Marlys

  2. Way to go little man! You are one tough cookie. Now rest. We want you and your smiles at home soon. Love you buddy...your sneezing photographer friend.

  3. Love & hugs from our little family to yours! And plenty of thanks-giving as well.

  4. Praying that this morning Sam is all smiles and well on his way to healing from this procedure. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. NKL

  5. So thankful Sam is doing well! :)