Monday, November 21, 2011

Let the cath begin!

So the first thing they did upon our arrival in the Cath Lab was put Sam in a miniature gown.  It was cold, so we left his little socks cute is that?  And sure enough we saw a number of the usual suspects, all of whom commented on Sam's continued cuteness and chubby growth.  It was a bit surreal seeing Sam in the same size crib as he used to have but taking up a much larger proportion of it.  But it was also nice to have a sense of scale for how much he's grown and improved so far.

Anyway, to the important stuff...

Sam started his cardiac catheterization about 10 minutes ago.  It took a bit longer than expected to get "access" to his veins in order to start the procedure, but so far there is nothing of interest to report.  He started at roughly 10:00 MST, and we expect them to not only take diagnostic measurements but also attempt at least one balloon plasty (in order to widen some narrow spots in his arteries/veins).  So...we expect the procedure to take between 4-6 hours, and we should have another update in about an hour or so...until then, here's a cute picture of Kristin loving on the little guy before they took him away.


  1. Thanks for the update...praying for you. Keep us posted.

  2. Prayers for an easy cath and quick recovery.

  3. Many thanks for the update - have been praying for a safe procedure and good results. Lifted Sam before the Lord at church yesterday, as well. NKL

  4. I've been praying for you and your family (especially Sam). I hope everything will turn out alright. I will continue to pray for Sam. Please keep us updated. I miss you so much! :)
    ~Nouhad E. <3