Thursday, June 11, 2015

NASA: Give me a "Go - No Go"...

It's game day...

I've often likened this moment to a NASA mission: if conditions aren't absolutely perfect, they won't launch.

Today's complicating factor: following Monday's cath, Sam developed a slight fever (100.4).  This is not common. It's not really uncommon either.  Which is confusing.

Doctors want to be sure that this fever is cath-related rather than the start of a new illness, so they will do a physical examination and a blood test (looking for new antibodies) before surgery this morning.  If it is as we suspect--minor fever in response to cath--we go; if it seems to be the start of a cold, we stay on the ground.

My WAG estimation: 80-20, we go.

We'll find out in about an hour or two...

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