Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Micro Update

It's Jason. Trying to keep this super brief. Because there's so much to tell about the last couple days, I (or Kristin) will need a pretty substantial entry to encompass it all. On the other hand, I know people want to know how we're doing. So...until we have time to elaborate in a more substantial entry, here's the most important stuff.

The last few days have been long and drama-filled. Nonetheless, Sam is recovering pretty well.
1) He's more alert than ever; they even canceled his home PT because his developmental markers all look so good!
2) His G-tube site looks good and appears to be functioning properly. Now he's able to take his feeds in an hour or less. Also, with his reflux effectively stopped, his vitals (including his oxygen sats and heart rate) have been much, much more stable.
3) His last heart echo looked great.
4) He is entirely off oxygen support, and the doctors have started weaning some other meds (specifically Lasix).
5) I almost don't want to say this for fear of jinxing it, but the word "discharge" has been ringing in the air. And this time they are not talking about messy diapers. Nothing has been decided yet, but we are hopeful...
6) In the meantime, Kristin and I are getting a crash course in caring for a cardiac baby with a G-tube at ourselves...a great stress to have.

That's the most important stuff for now. Will fill you in on the details when I have more time and energy. Right now, Sam's binky has fallen out of his mouth, and I have the honor of retrieving it for him for the umpteenth time tonight. :) Night all.

Until next time, Sam says, "Phlbtttth!"


  1. What a sweet phto.
    So so glad to hear Sam is doing fine!
    Great news!

  2. Well, that all sounds like some good news. So happy for you all.

  3. I, like you, am so looking forward to the day when Landon can retrieve and replace his own paci...don't you find that silly green smily face kind of sinister? :) Hope to be running into you at King Soopers soon! Kris, I'm off thursdays so we walk or something if you want...

  4. I have to say that your comment on the binky made me smile. It's great to hear you talk about one of the seemingly small joys of fatherhood.

  5. So, so happy to see such a good report, despite what has probably been a harrowing couple of days. Couldn't help but think "Amen" after items 1-5, and "Lord, please help them" after #6. (He will, ya know.) NKL

  6. Hi, Kris and Jason! Got back to the states last night and trying to fight jet lag. It sounds like things are going really well. Wolfie is so adorable! The wedding was beautiful, but Anaita, Eliza, and I missed you tremendously. Only a couple funny stories to tell you when I visit. I'll be sure to send some pics to you. Eliza may have sent the (very short) video already. And Rap Star is ON when I come to Denver. I thoroughly enjoyed your lyrical posts. Miss and love you! -- kare

  7. the word "discharge" never sounded so good! go Wolfie!!!!

  8. miss you too! so happy to read all the positive updates (touch wood). you guys will amaze yourselves at home with baby Sam just the way you have been amazing all of us. love you and your cutie pie. xo jules

  9. Hooray for Sam's progress! I hope he is home soon!

  10. that was from Kendall in Oklahoma

  11. Hope you had a good full first day at home. It was great to see you all yesterday!