Monday, April 18, 2011

Longer G-Tube/Nissen Surgery Update

Hello, it's Jason. Sorry about the delay everybody. As you may have realized, days involving any kind of procedure get pretty wild pretty quickly. Here are some pictures to give you a sense of the day's arc, from build-up to recuperation.

The calm before the storm. Otherwise known as "mama time":

The Continuing Saga of the IV: We may have mentioned before that Sam does not take poking well. Once they had the IV placed yesterday, they had to wrap it up to protect it from being "unintentionally removed." Here, I think he either looks like IronMan (check out his arm cannon) or maybe some sort of gangsta (just picture a cigar instead of a binky "Hey Spike, get this thing out of me or you'll be swimming with the fishes").

Consent: As this is a teaching hospital, we made sure to verify that the attending surgeon would actually be the one performing operation before we signed any forms. Call us paranoid, but when our cardiologists say this is the guy we want doing the cutting, we listen.

Surgery: It took a little longer than expected, not because of the surgery itself but, as I mentioned, it has proven very difficult to poke him effectively. Translation: it took a while to get an arterial line placed. As for the surgical component, the surgeon said, "He seemed to tolerate it pretty well." It's no "Rock solid," but I interpret that as surgeon-speak for "Everything went as well as we could ask."

Recovery: And finally, we are now in the CICU waiting for Samuel to recover enough from the anesthetic to effectively breathe on his own. Once he does, they'll extubate him, and we will likely be headed back up to the CPCU sometime tonight. Until then, thank you as always for your good thoughts and good wishes. Hopefully, the next time we post, the ol' Wolfman will be tube-free (except for the G-tube), and we'll be getting ready to go home! Until then, here's the poor little sedated guy. He says, "Every time I go to sleep, I wake up with another attachment! Stop it already!":


  1. Happy to hear the surgery went well, the pics are DARLING! I pray he heals quickly :)

  2. Praising God for a successful surgery and praying for a quick recovery so there will soon be posts from home of Wolfie's wonderful progress. NKL

  3. Praying this will do the trick and all will go well.
    A careful cuddle from a distance (just a continent away, lol) for little Wolfie ♥

  4. So happy to hear the surgery went well...and he does look shockingly like some sort of gangster/mobster...

  5. Glad things went "as expected". I can only imagine the long list of possible unexpecteds...praying for a quick recovery and your eventual trip home. Can't wait to drive across the street for a visit!

  6. I am so very thankful that all went well. Praise God that home is sooo close to happening!

  7. Tammi T. (mom on an HLHS boy)April 18, 2011 at 9:37 PM

    So glad to hear the surgery went well. It was also nice to see some pics of Wolfie, too. You are right, the one pic makes you think of a "gangsta", especially if you envision the cigar.

    We continue to pray for your precious little man. We'll pray that he can be extubated quickly and that you will soon be home with him.

  8. Jason, Kristen and Little Samuel
    You have been in my thoughts and prayers since Rich let me know about the birth of your precious one. He is absolutely adorable and I know you are looking forward to bringing him home. You all will remain in my heart and prayer and I will keep checking in. God Bless
    Sharyn Lobell
    I am a friend of your parents for a long, long time and you, Jason, have always been in my heart since the day you were born..if your Dad hasn't told you the story ask him. If he doesn't remember I will tell you someday.

  9. so happy he did so well. looking forward to more updates. xoxo jules

  10. Glad it went well. The expression on his face even looks like a cigar. Thinking of the three of you.

  11. So glad to hear the G-tube went well and that you'll be finally going home pretty soon. Thinking of you lots! Love, allie

  12. I'm glad that things went as well as you (or at least the surgeon could hope). I've been thinking about the three of you a lot. I hope that as Samuel moves further post op that you all start to see signs that the G-tube was the right all deserve fewer beeps interrupting your family cuddle sessions.