Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I think it is safe to say that all of the Leclaires are quite happy to be home.  We walked in the door about 30 minutes ago.  We are also quite tired, so I'm going to keep this blog short.  I posted below a few pictures taken before the cath that I couldn't upload to my computer until now.

Thanks again for all of your kind texts, e-mails, blogs, phone calls, and good thoughts!  We are lucky to have so many people taking such wonderful care of us.

Sam, or Mrs. Roper?

A very hungry Sam waiting for the cath to begin

One of our few family portraits!

Happy to be reunited with his tunes


  1. Glad things went well, and even gladder :) that you are home!

  2. I am so happy everything went well! We have missed you in class, Ms. Leclaire. I am so glad to hear that Sam's surgery went well and that your whole family is doing well. You are an inspiration to me! Have a wonderful evening together at home.

  3. So glad things went well & glad he got to come home quickly! We miss you so much at school Sam!
    Love Ms. Morgan & Ms. Adrienne

  4. Wow, had just about given up that you would ever post again, and really had hoped that no news was good news, and log on today to find all these updates and that Sam had has his cath! So very happy that all is well, and that he is on schedule for his Fontan surgery. Have continued to pray for Sam's well-being, and am praising God today that he is such a healthy little guy for all his heart issues. Thank you for sharing his journey with us, as it is a privilege to lift him and you up in prayer. NKL

  5. I am so pleased to read Sam's 2nd cath went well, even though it has been several months since it was performed. Obviously, I hadn't checked your blog in sometime but we still have prayed for Sam (sometimes in a general sense and at other times more specific, knowing God knows the details we don't). My boys and I pray almost every night for a whole list of heart babies of which Sam (or Wolfie - as we still refer to him at times) is part.

    Keep us updated as you can.