Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Little Good News...

So here is the extended update from yesterday...

When Sam came out of surgery the two main concerns were: where did the vegetation go?! and why was the blood flow on the right side of his head less than half of what it was on the left? The original theory was that these two phenomena were related: possibly the vegetation had gone to an artery in his brain blocking blood flow. Very scary! Now--before you panic--that is no longer the theory.

Thanks to some sleuthing by my wife and me, the mystery of the weird blood flow was solved. The sensors measuring such information turned out to be faulty. So, when we asked to have new sensors around 11:30 last night, Sam seemed healed; all of a sudden the numbers looked like they were supposed to! Also, this morning, we were informed that our surgeon did indeed open up the heart-lung bypass machine to look at the filters after the surgery, and sure enough, they found some mucous-y, fibrinous stuff. There are no guarantees that this is the same vegetation that had been next to the tricuspid valve, but Occam's razor would suggest that it is.

As of yet, Sam has not shown any evidence of massive strokes; he is moving all four extremities and breathing well on his own. Plus the blood cultures and other tests for infections have so far turned up negative. So...we're hoping that we finally got that little good luck we needed. Of course, we'll immediately turn around and ask for more, but we are definitely more encouraged than we were yesterday afternoon. Guardedly so, perhaps, but optimistic.

Until tomorrow, more Sam photos!

A rather poignant picture of my wife with Sam the morning before his surgery. He tried to hide behind the book, but alas...he wasn't quick enough to avoid the clutches of the surgeons.

My turn!

Check out that scar; we call him Franken-baby! Okay, we actually don't but we should.

Just a few minutes ago...much more comfortable without a ventilator. Little Wolfman got extubated this morning.


  1. Awesome, just awesome! There's a lot of people praying for little Wolfie and your family. So glad things are finally looking better.

  2. Waiting to post until you had the good news to report, because I was sure I would be able to say -

    Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers.


  3. Good news!!!! Hooray!! And beautiful, heart-wrenching photos.

  4. I am so happy for you guys!! I will keep praying for you to continue moving in a positive direction. Kori Kruck

  5. Leclaire Family--yea! Sam does it again! More and more positive thoughts and prayers are going out for Sam's continued improvement and his mom and dad's sanity. You two are quite a team! Please get some rest--you must be worn to a frazzle--Pam

  6. What a warrior. Sending you strength and hope.

  7. Kristin and Jason - I am so excited to read about your good news! Samuel is absolutely amazing! I will continue to pray for Sam to keep gaining well as the two of you!

  8. So happy to hear good news!

  9. I have been thinking about you guys so much. Sam is amazing. What a fighter. You two are amazing. I just started training to be an infant massage teacher. When I come to visit (with a Dr.'s release)...I hope I can train you guys. I think you and Sam would love it and it could help with his healing...Love you guys.
    Love, jules
    PS so glad Kare is visiting...Gay set her up with some recipes and hopefully you received our Whole Foods gift card - take care of yourselves

  10. I am so happy Sam is doing well. :))

  11. it's great to hear a little good news and thank you for sharing the pics, Sam's the cutest little baby with or without his scar. On to the healing little man!

  12. Tammi T. (mom of an HLHS boy)May 27, 2011 at 9:35 AM

    Glad to hear that Samuel is doing better and that it appears prayers were answered regarding the heart and lung bypass machine eating up the weeds.

    Those pictures were heart-wrenching and I've even traveled a similar path.

    We will continue to pray for Samuel and you.

  13. Yay! So glad to read good news!

  14. joanne-enraged-at-the-hospital-staff!May 27, 2011 at 6:18 PM

    excuse me!?! YOU and kristin were the ones that solved the sensor problem? i know kristin is jerry's daughter (and would expect nothing less), but shouldn't the hospital staff have thought of this first? don't they have some sort of trouble-shooting manual? ok, i get this isn't the larger issue here, but i can't get past it! now on to the larger issue though...i'm glad you guys are out of surgery and seem to be healing well and peacefully. think of you ALWAYS! xoxoxoxo

  15. So glad to hear the good news! Dudes, can you guys come with me to my next Doc. appt.? ~ nice catch on the faulty sensors. Sam sure seems like a smiley guy; keep posting those pictures.
    Uh, I don't want to alarm you, but it looks like Sam has a giant pair of scissors in his bed in that last picture. That can't be safe.
    Thinking about you guys every day. Stay strong.

    Sam's uncle Pat

  16. A "rather" poignant picture of Kristin and Sam with the book? Your sentence is a perfect example of an understatement, Jason.

    I cry every time I see the picture.

    Wishing all of you the best...

  17. I am happy that there is some good news! Nothing but positive vibes from the IB students for all of you!