Monday, January 23, 2012

Sam's First Online Date (They Grow Up So Fast!)

Sam has finally reached that important milestone that all 10-month-olds aspire to: His first internet date.  Last weekend, he skyped with his new long distance girlfriend.  Her name is Lucy, she lives in San Francisco, she is the 10-month-old daughter of my friend Jen (the one holding the iPad), and she’s really cute. Here are some pictures of this important event:

Since it has been a little while since our last update, here is a list of the other mini updates from December and January:

1.      Sam has “graduated” to going to the cardiologist every three months (remember when he had to go every week?).  We don’t have to go back until he turns one in March!

2.       Sam thoroughly enjoyed his first Christmas.  What did he like the most?  The wrapping paper would have to come in first, but he also liked all the attention from his family.

3. Sam loves reading, meaning that he loves turning pages and chewing on books.  One of his favorites was a gift from his nephews: The Little Engine That Could.  When they gave him the book on Christmas morning, they explained that Sam IS the little engine that could.  We couldn’t agree more!  Here he is reading it with his “Auntie Smith” and his buddy Adam.
4. Sam apparently made the New Year’s resolution to be g-tube free in 2012 because he pulled out his entire g-tube at a New Year’s Eve party!  To make a long story short, we had the pleasure of putting it back in because the paramedics said that we had more experience with it than they did, then we took an ambulance ride to the nearest Children’s Hospital branch, where they checked to make sure the g-tube was in the right place before sending us on our merry way.  We decided to go back to the party since we hadn’t had dessert yet, and it was chocolate fondue.  Sam gulped down a bottle, slept like…well, like a baby, and then was back to his normal, happy self the next day.

5.       Last weekend, Sam got to meet some of his out-of-town “aunties” (my best friends from college), and he got to see his “Auntie Karen” (best friend from high school) who hadn’t seen him since he was a post-Glenn-surgery three-month-old.  As mentioned at the beginning of this email, Sam had his first online date with one of my friends’ daughters, and he also enjoyed having a circle of admiring women the entire weekend.  While his newfound stranger anxiety prevented any of them from actually holding him, he was pleased to flirt with them from a safe distance.


As you can see, Sam has clearly made his goal of 2012 to garner plenty of female attention.  So far, mission accomplished, and we're quite grateful for all of the love. :)